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London’s crime rates overtaking New York’s for the first time in modern history has been one of the main stories in the news today.

The Independent discusses the death of a 17 year-old girl and a 16 year-old boy who was left critically ill, after shootings in North London yesterday evening.

The Huffington Post also discusses these gun attacks, in addition to the increase in London’s crime rates. Their information states that social media could have a role to play regarding the change in the statistic.

The Sun focuses on knife crime, with a 16 year-old boy being the latest victim of an attack. Stating that there have been 12 murders in 19 days, the article puts emphasis on London’s crime rates being higher than New York’s.

Photo 03-04-2018, 11 56 41.jpg

The Daily Mail uses a freeze-frame from CCTV footage to show the alleged assailant’s figure. They also interview a security officer who lives a flat above the scene of the stabbing, who gives his opinion on the events.

Photo 03-04-2018, 12 23 27.jpg

The Metro quotes London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, who gives his opinion on the increase in crime rates. He is now being accused of blaming the Conservatives for the issue.

Photo 03-04-2018, 11 55 42 (1).jpg

The i quotes Jack Montgomery from Breitbart in their opinion section, who discusses police numbers and budget cuts.

Photo 03-04-2018, 12 03 43.jpg

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